After Conscious Sedation

You may feel drowsy for a good part of the day following a sedation procedure. This is perfectly normal. Take this opportunity to relax and recover. It is important for your safety that you abide by the following list of recommendations for the first 24 hours following your sedation procedure:

  • Please drink lots of water
  • Please refrain from driving
  • Drink no alcohol
  • Please take no sedatives
  • If at all possible do not go up and down stairs. If absolutely necessary, do so only with able assistance
  • Put off making any important decisions
  • Do not operate any machinery
  • Avoid any heavy lifting

We sincerely hope that your experience at our office was a positive one. We want to do everything we can to minimize the stress associated with root canal therapy. Being sedated is a wonderful way to accomplish that goal. We also welcome your feedback. If any questions or difficulties arise regarding your treatment, please do not hesitate to call.