While most people prefer to have the procedure performed under local anesthesia only, which renders the procedure painless, some prefer to be sedated as well.  Two levels of sedation are available: nitrous oxide sedation and conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide sedation makes use of “laughing gas” to reduce anxiety and produce a state of emotional and physical relaxation conducive to the procedure.  The expense is minimal, you can drive yourself home, and if it means the difference between peace and comfort instead of anxiety and fear for you, then we highly recommend it. 

Conscious sedation involves the combination of nitrous oxide sedation with a sedative-hypnotic medication taken by mouth (ex. Valium, Halcion, etc.).  This produces a greater degree of sedation still, requires an evaluation appointment at an earlier date, and necessitates bringing an escort with you to drive you home on the day of treatment.  Please call our office with any questions.